There are many ways you can fulfil your mailing requirements. The most common are enclosed in polythene or a printed envelope.


When enclosed into polythene, you can either use the most cost effective method of a plain carrier letter or, if you have the budget, you can have your polythene pre-printed in a range of colours or designs.


There are many ways to mail using envelopes. From simple plain-white, window envelope with printed PPI details or a full-colour bespoke printed envelope. These are also available either with a window and an enclosed personalised letter or without a window with the address details overprinted.

Naked Mailed

An alternative to both polythene and envelopes is naked mailing. This is where a mailer or brochure is posted without being enclosed in a protective outer. The personalisation is ink-jetted onto the back cover of the printed item. 


Depending on the folding of your product, it may need to be sealed prior to mailing, generally with low tack glue or a crystal disc.