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Carbon Offset Printing from Westdale




Westdale is proud to announce that as part of the company’s ongoing ambition to provide sustainable book, brochure and magazine printing we are now able to offset the entirety of carbon emissions generated by our customers’ printing projects.


This is done first by calculating the carbon footprint of a given printing project. The cost to offset these emissions is then calculated and can be used to fund green-projects such as re-foresting in Europe or the installation of renewable energy sources for developing communities. These green-projects demonstrably reduce emissions and are independently certified and audited according to international standards.


Climate change is the defining issue of our time and by choosing to work with Westdale to carbon offset your printing projects you can contribute to the fight against climate change. If you choose to carbon offset your project with Westdale you will be given a specific label featuring an ID number. This label can be incorporated into the artwork of your print product and can be used to trace how your particular project has been made carbon neutral. This allows you to share your contribution to the fight against climate change with your audience.


If you would like to find out more or see a quote from us to carbon offsetting your next printing project don’t hesitate to get in touch:




Email: enquiries@westdale.co.uk

Phone: 02920 662 600