Johannesburg/Steuer Foiler

The Johannesburg/Steuer sits proudly alongside our Steinemann Colibri UV Line and Heidelberg Cylinder to create a specialist finishing section within our already extensive bindery facility.

The decision to invest in a foiling machine came as the trend towards innovative and eye-catching products gains further momentum, with designers and buyers focusing more on high-quality, beautifully executed print and finishing to champion their brands.

The Jo’burg is capable of foiling a full out B1 sheet and can deal with many types of substrate making it possible for us to produce yet another process in-house, saving money and time as well as further reducing our carbon footprint.

So what’s so special about foil?

Human fascination with gold is as old as recorded history. Its unique colour and lustre has made it the most coveted material for millennia. As early as 3,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians hammered gold until flat and used it to adorn the tombs and palaces of their Pharaohs. In the 5th century, monks delicately gilded their leather-bound bible and history book casings, adding value and prestige. When dust jackets were later introduced to books, the trend continued onto printed paper designs.

Fast forward a few centuries, the development of aluminum and tin foils have provided a much cheaper and accessible alternative to the traditional gold leaf.

Nowadays, adding a flash of metallic has become the go-to tool for designers to pique primal instincts and guarantee their product gets noticed. Foiling is so accessible that it can now be seen on everything from packaging, letterheads, brochures, catalogues, business cards and flyers to restaurant menus and wedding invitations.

But no longer are your choices limited to shiny gold or silver - today there is a huge array of foils and eye-catching finishes to adorn your print.

Not just for Christmas

With new foils being constantly designed and manufactured, it is easy to see why people are choosing this versatile finish to enhance their print all year round.

Black, white, clear, holographic, fluorescent, brushed, transparent, glitter, pearlescent… Today your choices are endless!

For advice on how foiling could transform your next print project, please feel free to chat to our Commercial Team who will happily go through the options with you.