Lamination & Spot UV Varnish
Lamination & Spot UV Varnish

Very high impact and hard wearing. It offers a high level of protection to products that are handled a lot. It is widely used on magazine covers, menus, folders etc.The four main types of lamination are:

Gloss Laminate

A high impact glossy finish which enhances the printed colours

Matt Lamination

A far more subtle look but still adds an element of protection to covers as well as an overall soft feel.

Silk Lamination 

An elegant finish which adds a sophisticated look and feel.

Soft Touch Lamination

The subtle look of a matt lamination but with a velvety feel. Soft touch is often considered the most luxurious form of lamination. 

Spot UV Varnish

A finish you can apply to specific areas on your print to highlight certain areas. For example, you can apply the UV varnish to your logo, or perhaps some specific text or an individual image to make it really stand out. Spot UV Varnish is typically gloss or matt but other options include spot glitter UV varnish and textured spot UV.

Opposite is an example of matt lamination combined with a spot UV varnish on the 'AW 16' text on a fashion brochure.