Our History

Westdale was started in 1984 with a new Heidelberg 102-VP press. Initially the business offered a trade service to many B2 printers looking for a reliable larger format service and we quickly developed our reputation for producing difficult printing jobs to a very high standard. 

In 1986, we added a second press, quickly followed by our bindery. By the end of 1997, the business had two mini web presses, three B1 presses, a B2 machine and an extensive bindery using two factory units just a few hundred yards from where it all started.

Now, we have an even better reputation for quality and putting customer service first. The modern press line and expanded bindery allow us to carry out the majority of processes in-house, and with our 24/7 workforce there isn’t much we can’t do. Our quality control through pre-press and printing to finishing and binding and our commitment to investing in the best new technology have been key to providing an outstanding customer experience.